About Us

Who we are

Kaalmo Relief Organisation is a charitable organisation which aims to alleviate the suffering of the poorest people in East Africa. It’s registered in England. Kaalmo Relief Organisation’s mission is to deliver:


Kaalmo Relief Organisation has been building an Islamic school in East Africa particularly Ethiopia, This school building has been under construction and through your help a lot of children will have the opportunity to have an education which is one of the roots of knowledge.

On behalf of Kaalmo Relief Organisation ,I would like to thank you for your support on the completion of this project.

Other services include:

  • Providing shelter for orphaned children
  • Providing water and sanitation facilities to orphaned children
  • Providing basic food provisions for widows, orphans and families in need
  • Sponsoring orphans and maintain their physical and spiritual upbringing


Kaalmo Relief Organisation has also started running a project of **FEEDING TB patients on 01/9/2013, some of the Organisation trustees visited the Hospitals around the area, where they found out that, a high number of people were suffering from TB which most of the patients don`t have enough medicine as well as food.

Food aid

Kaalmo Relief organisation has co-operated with one of the registered NGO`s in the country and decided to set up a feeding centre to provide food for TB patients. Kaalmo Relief has to fund the project and **SAAD**(Somali Aid and Development) *www.saadaid.com **  which is the local NGO to implement  and be the work force of  the project to make sure every patient receives proper meal and medicines. Kaalmo relief and SAAD together set up the centre. Through your help 50 patients have received the basic needs. However there are still more than 100 patients waiting to be allocated around the other Hospitals.

Our mission

Assisting people to attain sustainable development through provision of education, training and healthcare.

Providing relief and rehabilitation to people affected by disasters through sustainable income.

Our vision

Provision of basic needs & requirement to people affected by natural disaster in East Africa.

Thank you

Kaalmo Relief organisation would like to thanks those who supported us both financially and also morally. As you are aware, TB disease can kill people. Therefore Kaalmo would like to put all efforts to look for the best way to cure.In order to achieve this feeding project we are requesting your Zakaa donations and contributions to help these vulnerable people.

Orphaned children

Kaalmo Relief Organisation is dedicated to ensuring that orphaned children are given basic amenities in terms of food, shelter, education and equal opportunity and that they are given the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives.