Medical Aid

Quick medical response at times of crisis

Recognising the problems with lack of medical help, we establish clinics, medical convoys and hospitals to assist those suffering from illnesses with the proper attention and help they deserve


Providing relief to those in emergency situations

Acting fast to those who have been affected by wars, refugee crisis, famine, drought, floods and earthquakes by providing immediate relief as well as long-term recovery & development.

Water Wells

Providing people with clean drinking water

Aiming to contribute to the water crisis by building water wells & providing clean drinking water to those who are restricted from such luxuries or forced to drink from contaminated sources


There are many ways in which you can contribute to the cause of helping the needy through Kaalmo Relief Organisation . Every charity relies on volunteers. There are opportunities available to suit everyone. Help us in this war against poverty and become part of our volunteering team. So many people remain silent and let thousands and thousands suffer and how much longer can we just sit back and watch? Volunteer for us now! No matter how old you are, how experienced you are or who you are, your help can make a big difference.Remember, any charitable work you do will look good on your CV. Employers and even universities look favourably on people who have loads of extra-curricular activities on their CVs!

Agricultural farming

Water is the most precious commodity special in semi-arid region. Kaalmo Relief Organisation provides water by digging wells and providing water distribution in Somalia as well as in eastern parts of Ethiopia.


Kaalmo Relief Organisation has identified a number of agricultural farms which are owned by poor family. We have sent farming tractors with required seeds, fertilizer and pesticides. Each family was allocated a number of hours. Farmers really appreciated the outcomes of this project, because it gave them a source of income. These people have now established a self-sustaining way of generating an income.

Zakat Al Maal

Distributing your zakat to those who need it most

Zakat is the act of donating a certain amount of your wealth to charity. Your Zakat can play a huge role of transforming many needy families .